Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Invitation to the International Krishna Puja in Cabella - 2011

From the bottom of our hearts, we, the Sahaja Yogis of The three Americas, would like to invite you to collectively worship our Holy Mother Param Pujya Shri Mataji in Her Divine Aspect of Shri Krishna, in Nirmal Nagar, Cabella Ligure, Italy, from the 19th to 21st of August, 2011.

Let us pray to Shri Mataji that we may be worthy of the powers and awareness that She may wish to bestow upon us through this most auspicious and momentous Puja to Shri Krishna, the Yogeshwara and Virata.

“The last is the Virat. That is the state you have to reach… Nothing bothers you because you are in the Virata state… and that is what is the best state where I want all of you to reach and to become absolutely free. Nothing can impress you. Nothing can influence you, nothing can dissuade you, but you stand on your self esteem and understanding about yourself, that you are a Sahaja Yogi and that you are connected with this power and you are a citizen of the Kingdom of God…” Shri Mataji, Shri Krishna Puja, August 16, 1992, Cabella, Italy.

Please visit our dedicated Puja website where you can register for meals, request airport pickup, as well as find details on Puja fees, accommodation and the weekend’s program.

Please note that meals will be provided only to those who pre-register. We humbly ask for your collaboration in this effort to help manage the kitchens and avoid wasting food.

We look forward to welcoming you all and sharing with you this most auspicious occasion.

With love and respect,
Sahaja Yogis of the Three Americas

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