Thursday, 7 July 2011

Maha Samadhi - Mother’s Memorial Project

Maha Samadhi - Mother's Memorial Project of Her Holiness Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Nirmal Dham - New Delhi

Project sponsor
Shri Mataji's Memorial Project is being sponsored and overseen by Sir CP Srivastava and supported by the Trust of India.
Memorial team representatives:
India: Dinesh Rai , Vinay Deo Pujari ; Switzerland: Denis de Techtermann ; Mexico: Isa�as Romero; Ukraine: Oleksandr Galetko ; Argentina: Francisco Fenili ; Africa: Thava Govender , Preban Naidoo; Turkey: Sedat İşbilen , Sevgi Dorossinski ; Germany: Bernd Morhinweg ; Finland: Ulla-Maija Humppi ; America/Canada: Dave Dunphy , Lothar Pfiefer; Italy: Duilio Cartocci ; UK: Thelma Patmore; Austria: Martin Mohr ; Malaysia: Pay Chy Lim ; Australia: Jean-Michel Huet , Chris Kyriacou
The Committee has been entrusted by Sir CP with primary responsibility for the Project. It will be working in partnership with the relevant bodies in India, and with the support of the Indian and World collective, will provide the direction for the Memorial Project in aspects such as : design, finances and execution.
Aims of the project:
The shrine will be renowned as Fifth Dham of Pilgrimage.
  • To create a magnificent Memorial monument dedicated to Her Holiness Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi that will be everlasting and serve as a pilgramage place for all Sahaj Yogis worldwide for the next 1000 years and beyond.
  • Incorporate input from the diversity population groups practising Sahaj Yoga across the world and to be fully representative of all cultures and values that are honoured in Sahaj practices.
  • Allow Spiritual seekers to visit and receive their Self Realization and Enlightenment whilst touring the memorial site.
  • Allow anyone visiting the site to learn of the rich legacy of Our Holy Mother and Her lifes work.
  • Nirmal Dham will be landscaped to embody Our Mother's teachings of love and compassion, embracing all Inter-Faith practices worthy of the Feminine Divine.
Outcome of the project:
The project will be delivered in 3 phases
Phase 1:
Maha Samadhi Sthal - to hold Mother's casket enclosure and Parikrama as focal point of the development
  • Construct an interim structure over the Samadhi site while the long term permanent structure is undertaken
  • Construct the facilities necessary for holding ongoing Meditation and Pujas for the collective
Phase 2 and 3:
Construct the major Memorial buildings incorporating and expanding the initial buildings and including internal / external landscaping architecture.
Next milestones and objectives:
  • Site Design of Maha Samadhi
  • Geotechnical Investigation and Site Survey
  • Establish Website to enable engagement
  • Communications with Yogis worldwide to ensure they are informed and updated
  • Initiate International Fundraising appeal to collect funds for the Project
Memorial Project Fundraising:
A Fundraising appeal for the Memorial Project will be launched very soon which will enable yogis the means to express their ongoing support for this Project. Country coordinators are asked to nominate a contact person to join the Fundraising sub-committee to assist in the raising of funds across the Sahaja work towards this project.
Jai Shri Mataji!

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