Monday, 29 August 2011

21 things - Everybody is (not) the same

Everybody is the same.
What is the thing that makes us the same? 

It’s certainly not on the outside. 

External similarities can be confusing. 

They can deceive and mislead. 

Nationality and race, occupation and education, wealth and status can do more to separate people than bring them together. 

When you look beyond the external, that’s where you can see the spirit. 

Our spirits are the same. And that’s where we are connected.

Everybody is different.
Although we are the same at the core, our experiences can be very different. 

We never really know what another person has been through. 

It can be difficult to understand why they do things. 

Advice can be both hard to give and hard to take. 

But experience is the real teacher. 

And as we learn, we then become closer to each other. 

Richard and Dragos

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