Thursday, 4 August 2011

Book of the week: The Keys of Wisdom by Linda Williams

Open this book, read it, and travel, at least in your imagination, with the seven brave young people who are the heroes, to the country of Sasrar on the planet of Navi Septa.  But if you do get there, you might find the journey is not so fantastical after all, and you might be able to bring some of the magic back home to wherever you live on our Mother Earth, to help you negotiate the journey of this life, right here and now.

In the book you must start the journey from the Temple of Support, which has the qualities of both Uluru (Ayers Rock Australia) and Stonehenge England. Like so many fundamental structures, from the DNA to the Milky Way Galaxy, it is arranged in a spiral. Here is a drawing of the temple:

Then you must sail across the Sea of Illusion - and try not to fall foul of these nasties on the way:

Assuming you know how to make use of your Key of Wisdom to overcome that drama, you, and our heroes, next have to get out of this situation:

And so it goes on, but don’t worry, all along the way, one of the powers of the keys is to lead the heroes to meet up with seemingly ordinary people with an extraordinary ability to help our all too vulnerable heroes out of trouble. Or do they?

Read the book to find out, and to discover how they relate to us in our world.


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