Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Few words about Linda Williams's trilogy "The awakening of Navi Septa"

Here is a review about the books. Read more about them here

Hello everyone,

I wanted to share a few words with you all about Linda (Williams)'s trilogy "the awakening of Navi Septa" which is now available on amazon.co.uk. So far I've read the first volume only "the keys of wisdom". It was some years ago before it was published when I met Linda in Vashi.

"Be critical ! she said. Tell me if you see something wrongbe alert !"

But "unfortunately" I could not be critical at all, for the simple reason that I was absorbed right away in the breathtaking story. I just fell in love with it and followed its heroes, running behind them on their amazing and powerful journey. Of course we have different tastes and sensitivities. But whatever it is, Linda displays a true talent for writing, her English is superb and yet easily accessible. Furthermore, she shows an extraordinary imagination which you need when you write this kind of fiction, and it is not given to everyone. Step by step she describes brilliantly the self-realisation process with its powers, and the way she uses Sahaj symbols is definitely fit to reach the masses. That was Linda's purpose and when Mother spoke to her and advised her years ago on the matter, She Herself chose the name of some of the heroes and gave the title of the second book (“the mountain mouse”). When She read the first book (“the keys of wisdom”) She declared : “one day, thousands of people will read this book!” At one point, She also mentioned She would like the children of the world to read it!

And last but not the least, I could see our yuva shaktis at work when reading the magic adventures of those youngsters. After all, aren't these books a "fantasy of reality" as Linda says, our Sahaj reality itself, and not just some more fairy dreamy tales too good to be true ? Also, turning page after page of the first volume, I could not help myself from seeing the films we could make out of such a work. The pictures, the actions, the landscapes, the costumes, the singing and the dancing, the magic creatures, either good or evil, everything just dropped in front of my eyes without me deciding for that, it was just there. So a film trilogy one day in the future ? Who knows ? Why not... May be...

Congratulations Linda.

Thank you Shri Mataji for sharing Your divine knowledge with us

Guillemette (Metouri)

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