Monday, 22 August 2011

Update: Realize Lebanon Tour Preparations

This message is from the Sahaja Yogis who are organizing the Realize Lebanon Tour
Dearest Friends and Family,

We wanted to share some updates about our progress with preparing for the Lebanon Tour of Culture and Meditation.

First, our deepest thanks to all who have donated for the Lebanon Tour thus far. So far we have raised $3378 USD! We have 11 more days until the Lebanon Tour begins and we are still very much in need of financial support to meet all the costs.

However, we have great news! 
We have been able to significantly reduce the overall costs for the tour. As an established non-profit organization, we have been given an offer by a university near Beirut to get accommodation, food, and transportation, at subsidized costs. In addition, to reduce our costs we have found stage and sound equipment rentals at cheaper rates. One other change we have made to reduce costs for the tour, is that we have lowered the number of representatives who will be attending the Tour from 30 to 21.

Here is our updated list of projected expenses and funds available:

Funds Available
Funds Donated thus Far $3,378
Funds from Participants of Tour: $2,850 (please note that these contributions are in addition to the flight costs and travel insurance that each participant is responsible for)

Total Funds available: $6,228

Projected Expenses
Stage and Hall Rentals $1,000
Sound Equipment - $500
Info Packets/Materials - $1,000
Bus Rental/Parking $1,610
Lodging - $4,410
Food - $4,410

TOTAL Projected expenses: $12,930

Amount Still Required: $6,702

Once again we kindly request that you forward this email on to anyone who you believe would be interested in supporting our cause.

To make a donation or for more info, just visit our website:

Thanks again for your kind attention and support.

The Lebanon Tour Organizing Team

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