Saturday, 6 August 2011

Vishumaya Tour 2011

Vishumaya Tour 2011

 Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We are currently in Boston and thought we would drop a line about our Kingston mini-tour and out experiences in Boston.

The tour started just outside of Toronto with a wonderful havan. Thirty yogis took part and enjoyed the clearing of the vibrations. One of the highlights was the singing of bhajans until late in the evening. It proved difficult for some of the yogis to make it up in the morning for the trip to Kingston!

150 people got their self realization in the Kingston Market and Mall. We also handed out a few hundred flyers to the people. In the evening we stayed at another provincial park outside of Kingston and once again stayed up late into the night singing bhajans. Campers nearby came and gave the musicians compliments in the morning :) In the afternoon we boarded a river boat and toured the thousand islands. Afterwards no one wanted to leave the tour and return home. So it was a tough parting but we continued with our small group to the United States.

Our tour continued to Canajoharie where the yogis there gave us such a warm welcome. We then continued to Albany where we put up about 45 posters for their weekly program. Following that we drove through the evening to Boston.

The Boston yogis provided us an opportunity to do two music programs. One at an Art Gallery Downtown, and another at Serge and Alla's building. At the beginning of the first program, there was a fierce rain shower and thunderstorm. We saw Shri Vishnumaya send a great number of lightning bolts into Boston. Jai Shri Mataji.

Yogis from Boston were incredible and our privilege to meet. Reenu and Shiva took care of us in their home for three days, and we were thankful for their wonderful hospitality. Serge and Alla, Christine and Purnima were eager to meet us and organize programs for us. Their passion and enthusiasm of pushing forward meetings, getting new seekers, and looking for new ideas to spread Sahaj, were refreshing and motivating.

Boston is the centre of the independence movement of the United States. The people and tradition of the area focus on freedom and truth. We felt there are many great seekers in Boston and hope that they can become yogis.

We are now looking forward to two more music programs in Albany and Canajoharie. If you would like to join us at Niagara Falls on Sunday, please call us at 416-571-8737.

Yours Sincerely,
The Visnumayans