Thursday, 8 September 2011

Invitation to the international Navaratri Puja in Cabella - Sep 30th to Oct 2nd

The sahaja yogis of the hosting countries of UK, Greece, Israel, South Africa, Cyprus, Ukraine and the Middle East, have the happy honour of inviting all our brothers and sisters from all round the world, to the 2011 International Navaratri Puja, which will be celebrated in Cabella over the weekend 30th September – 2nd October.

In Her many loving talks over the years Shri Mataji has indicated that each one of us is capable of a much more dynamic love and compassion than we may be currently expressing in our day to day dealings ; much more forgiveness and generosity of spirit; much more kindness and patience with others.

These are the weapons that She has given us. This is how the whole world is to be conquered by the children of Shri Nirmala Devi so that Satya yug completely manifests.

But the weapons become blunt , the sword gets tarnished, the right hand gets weak and those entities that have been slayed many times before by Shri Durga Devi creep in in subtle form. The soldiers have doubts, they quarrel , they go into ego or fall back into conditionings and become satisfied with a mundane life.

Let’s not waste ourselves. Navaratri more than any other time , is the time to throw this off and drink deep of the nectar flowing from Her Lotus feet that infuses us with courage and energy and skill in the fight. Small and large challenges will be no match for us.

This is why you have to come to Cabella to celebrate Navaratri. Shri Mataji has gone nowhere. She is with us all the time. Who knows what tremendous changes can be brought about within us and to a world in turmoil when as many of us as possible gather together this Navaratri 2011 to do the worship of the Queen of all our hearts.

Details about attending the puja and registering on-line for meals can be found on the dedicated puja website. To request an airport pick-up please write to including airport, flight arrival time & date, departure date & time.

With All Our Love,

The Navaratri Hosting Countries
Ukraine, Cyprus, Middle East, Israel, South Africa, Greece, UK

Jai Shri Jagadambe! Jai Shri Durga Mata! Jai Shri Bhavani!

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