Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Latest Sahaja Yoga Events in Turkey and Iraq - 3280 Realizations

Dear Family,

It is with great joy to share the news of the latest successful realization events in Turkey and Iraq. With the blessings of HHSM, 3280 realizations have been given in total recently with the efforts of Turkish Yogis and Yuva Shaktis.

It was so remarkable to hear the words of one Iraqi saying at the end of the Realize Iraq Tour:
"A pure and fresh start has been made in IRAQ and whatever you do now will be permanent here".

Realize IRAQ Tour 7 - 1500 Realizations
The last IRAQ tour has ended up with great success and a total of 1500 realizations have been given.

Program at Troy Square in Canakkale - 530 Realizations
530 seeker enlightened during the recent Canakkale Realization Tour.

9 Evenings in Buyukcekmece-Istanbul - 1250 Realizations

1250 seeker received their second-birth in the small town of Buyukcekmece.

Jai Shri Mataji
Sahaja Yogis of Turkey

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