Monday, 12 September 2011

Nine Nights of Worship of the Goddess in Cabella

In addition to celebrating the International Navaratri puja 2011 in Cabella, in association with the World Foundation, the hosting countries would like to warmly invite you to celebrate each of the 'Nine Nights of Worship of the Goddess' with us in Shri Mataji's hall in Palazzo Doria, Cabella.

The first night of Navaratri (Pratipada) will take place on Wednesday 28 September,

The last (and actually tenth) night of victory (Vijaya Dashami) will be on Friday 7 October.

Accommodation will be available in the hangar. To pre-register for accommodation and food, please go to the Navaratri puja website:

Note that you will need to register separately for food and accommodation outside of the main puja weekend and that food would only made available to those who pre-book online.

To find out everything you need to know about the Nine Nights (including videos of Shri Mataji, a day by day calendar and how to volunteer) go to the Navaratri Prep website

We look forward to welcoming you all!
With love
The Navaratri Hosting Countries
Ukraine, Cyprus, Middle East, Israel, South Africa, Greece, UK
Jai Shri Jagadambe! Jai Shri Durga Mata! Jai Shri Bhavani!

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