Monday, 26 September 2011

Update from Nova Scotia (Canada)

Hello dear brothers and sisters,

Since the National Seminar took place in Nova Scotia in July, our collective has been the happy witness to many small miracles taking place in the spreading of Sahaja Yoga out here in the east.

First, we had 16 new people at our Liverpool class the week after the seminar, and a few of them are still meditating with us.

Secondly, we've received a few out-of-the-blue invitaions to present Sahaja Yoga meditation to various groups in the area, including teachers, library groups, and health workers.

And third: this: a recent article written by the editor of our small (but very well-read) local Liverpool newspaper. He started coming to the class the week after the seminar, and is still going strong. The article is called "Four Things I've Learned from Sahaja Meditation" and it's so interesting to hear the perspective of a very new person. And joyful, too!

Please enjoy. And a very special thanks to all who attended the seminar and helped increase the vibrations in this beautiful province.

With much love,
Mary KUHN on behalf of the Nova Scotia collective

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