Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Update on Realize Athens Tour


Dear Brothers & Sisters,

The Nabhi of the Universe is already bubbling in anticipation of the Realize Athens event, which has in the meantime, 
with all your loving support and energy, grown into a Realize Greece tour!!

In more detail: 
- By the grace of Shri Laxmi, apart from the large house in Athens, we have 2 more houses waiting for us in the cities of Thessaloniki and Volos 
  so we will surely visit these cities to give Realization after the 10th of October!
- We have 3 cars to transport us (Jai Shri Raja Laxmi)! 
- The Polish yogis have done an amazingly creative job, so we have leaflets, banners & different business cards 
  (with the contact numbers of the local yogis) for each city that we will visit!
- Many yogis have announced their participation and we have many confirmations for a truly international Collective event!
As the event is a 5-weeks one - 23 September to 30 October - you still have time to book your flight and call to reserve your place! 

You know that Greece is the Nabhi of the Virata,  so you can  really make a difference in the fight against the world economic crisis, 
while having the privilege of living and working for Sahaja Yoga in an international team of dedicated yogis!
Any other ideas of how to support this event are warmly welcome!
Come and bring your yogi friends! Spread the word to your Greek seeker friends, should you have any!

Realize Athens posters and support letter from Dharamsala school:
Original invitation below!!

Lovingly Waiting for You All,
The Team of 'Realize Athens'

Original invitation with all details on how to join: here

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