Friday, 20 January 2012

The Divine Cool Breeze 2012 exchange

The Divine Cool Breeze is for everyone.

For those who cannot afford it, 
free Divine Cool Breeze subscriptions are available. 
This is done through the generosity of others – 
people giving to people they have probably never met.

Through the remarkable success of last year's Exchange Program, 
more than 75 Divine Cool Breeze subscriptions were donated and received. 
Around the world the gifts were passed.

purchase a subscription, 
write the word "Exchange" in the comments box. 
(This box is at step one of the purchase on the page called "Delivery Information." 
The comments box is labelled "Special Instructions or Comments About Your Order." 
Write "Exchange" and we will find someone to receive your gift. 
We will let you know  who it is and in which country they live.)

Some people are without money, others do not have a credit card 
or other means of making an online purchase. 
Whatever the obstacle, it can be overcome.

SHRI MATAJI wished that The Divine Cool Breeze be sent to all nations, all collectives. 
Together we can make that happen.

The Divine Cool Breeze Exchange 2012: bringing us closer.

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Anonymous said...

I like this hand-shake-love image very much and was wondering if I may please use it for a non-for-profit charity organisation helping elderly people in a semi-rural area in Australia?