Friday, 20 January 2012

Puja in Cabella 23rd February

Dear brother/sister,

As February 23rd approaches we, the Italian Collective and the World Foundation, would like to invite you to join us in Cabella to pay homage to our Divine Mother and to express our gratitude for Her all-encompassing vision and heritage of eternal, pure love.

On this occasion we offer a humble prayer at the Lotus Feet of Our Mother.

“May our hearts be filled with Your perfume and the lightness of the petals that we offer at Your Feet.

May You protect and guide us as we carry forward the work of Sahaja Yoga, spreading Your message of pure transformation and hope for humanity.

May the integrity of Your divine teachings remain alive and intact within us.
May we sing Your glory that You might orchestrate the melody of love playing in our hearts.
May Your infinite compassion raise our awareness and cleanse our beings so that we become humble, pure instruments of the Paramchaitanya.”

Please join us in Cabella on Thursday, 23rd February at 16:00 (CET) to celebrate a puja, to sing some bhajans and to meditate together. If possible we will connect via web with a parallel event in Nirmal Dham in Delhi. We also plan to organise a small concert.

If you would like to share this moment with us please register on line so that we can plan for your stay. We will provide dinner in the evening and, for those that sleep over, breakfast in the morning. Accommodation is available in the hangar, which will be duly heated. The bathrooms will also be heated and have hot water. It is a mild winter so we do not expect it to be too cold outside. Nevertheless, you should wrap up warmly and bring a good sleeping bag if you plan to stay the night, when temperatures can go below zero.
We look forward to seeing you in Cabella.

With all our love,
The Italian Collective
World Foundation

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