Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Commemorating the most auspicious day on Earth at Nirmal Dham - 2012

The current status and the constructional progress at the ‘Nirmal Dham’ – Mother’s memorial (01.02.2012)
After Her physical departure of our most beloved Mother, Shri Mataji on 23rd February 2011 Nirmal Dham was blessed again on 27th Feb 2011 to welcome Her in this holy land. Shri Mataji was put to eternal rest on 28th Feb 2011 in the Nirmal Dham premises. Since then massive work had been undertaken in first phase to ensure a temporary leveling up of the land adjoining the altar (Sanctum Santorum) where arrangements had been made for Her divine physical body to rest. 
Subsequently the Nirmal Dham was in the process of development in phases. Several plans since then had been  submitted by the yogis all over the world for the final lay out design to be selected for the would-be shrine around the Sanctum Santorum for meditation and Darshan.  
Until the realization of the approved design there had been an endeavor to raise a temporary structure around the shrine encompassing the sanctum sanctorum. On the other hand renovation works on the existing structure and developing aesthetically new constructional work in and around the shrine had started in several phases to ensure maximum comfort to Mother at Her resting place.
The memorial now hosts a circular concrete structure around the shrine. White Makrana marble stone has been used for the elevated Maha Samadhi. The premises initially lying comparatively at a lower level has currently been raised by about three feet.  An elevated boundary wall now runs all around with a lush grass lawn raised around the shrine. A magnificent gigantic brass Kalash (weighing more than 70 kilograms and approx seven feet in height) has specially been designed to decorate the shrine spire.
A massive and spacious hanger has been erected adjoining the shrine land for facilitating meditation and resting place for the visiting yogis at the Nirmal Dham. This Hanger hosts a capacity to accommodate more than few hundreds of yogis at a time.  Besides, a cluster of rooms has also been constructed for the residing provision of the working staff and visiting yogis to the Nirmal Dham. The existing toilets have been renovated to hundreds of yogis at a time. Provision for  a small refreshment corner  has also been put in place  to serve snacks and refreshments to the visiting yogis at Nirmal Dham.
Internally the Sanctum santorum shall be exposed to an air conditioned ambience with a see-through viewable glass cover from all directions.  A number of powerful Air conditioners shall be installed and maintained internally to ensure a weather proof condition through out the year.  Provision shall be made available to the yogi for their devotional perambulations around the. Thus the holy place shall restrict any physical touch or encroachment by the visitors approaching the sanctum sanctorum - resting place of Mother out of devotions or rituals
Nirmal Dham currently presents a completely transformed place suiting for spontaneous meditation with its divine milieu. Now the place is ready for hosting of thousands of seekers and yogis to commemorate the most auspicious day on 22nd and 23rd February . Let us all express our unconditional profound love for each other  and arrive at this holy place to offer our love, gratitude at Her holy Lotus Feet of our Divine  Mother, Shri Mataji. Massive arrangements are underway to accommodate the thousands of visiting yogis amidst a Divine musical score and puja offering to Shri Mataji commemorating this most auspicious day in the history of mankind.
Besides temporary tents and other arrangements for the 22-23rd February event a host of finest musicians are expected to arrive to offer and render their best of performance before our Divine Mother. A small Puja followed by a havan is likely to be hosted. A very nominal and confessional charges for the visiting yogis have been  arranged. However, the yogis who are likely to visit the place for a darshan and  offer their respect and leave  are also welcome  besides concessional charges charges who may not avail the meals arranged at the catering stall at Nirmal Dham.
Proposed plans in the offing:
Till date only three designs for the shrine have been shortlisted by the world committee viz., 1. Australian Proposal (Michael Fogarty) 2. Malaysia Proposal (P.C.Lim-3) and 3. India Proposal (Model Dome+ Arcade ).
 It is expected a fairly good representation in near future  by the yogis from all over the world to constitute a separate World Committee for the upcoming project development at the Mother's Memorial. Once the design is in place a few of the currently existing temporary structure  shall however be replaced by the finally emerging approved design for the Mahasamdhi Memorial project.
Once the constructions at Nirmal Dham commences with the coordination of the newly constituted World committee for the Memorial development there will be provision for two separate accounts available for donation of fund  for the yogis.
One of these accounts shall enable the yogis from (anywhere from the world) outside India to donate online as well as invite other mode of physical transactions in any currency other than Indian Rupees. The other account which is already in existance(this is not currently being utilized for any current construction purpose, but is kept in reserve to be made available at the time of commencement of constructional on  the approved design) is currently made available for donation exclusively in Indian currency .  
Therefore, any yogis from abroad or outside India who desires to donate towards the Memorial project may do so officially in Indian currency only in the existing account alongwith all other Indian yogis. Official receipts under income tax exemptions can be obtained at the counter.  
Jai Shri Mataji