Thursday, 16 February 2012

Current work progress at Nirmal Dham (16.02.2012)

Dear Brothers and sisters,
With another five days to go , the collective attention of Yogis are on the work progress of Nirmal Dham. The inner Sanctum Sanctorum is almost under completion stage. Pitching of massive dimension tents are already underway. There is a plan of accommodating at least 5000 yogis in the campus. Though individual Bed roles shall be provided along with warm covers (Chaddar/gaddas/quilts) yet yogis are advised to carry their individual personal warm covers and/or  clothing to combat the chilly  climate during the night stay at the campus. Preferably one should carry shawl / warm clothing and optionally  light bed wrappings or Sleeping bags (in case one feels avoiding other bed roles). For information the recent temperature as recorded in the campus had dived below five degrees Celsius
The most recent photographs shows 'three' see-through transparent glass doors of 15x12 feet dimensions. Two of them are fixed while the the third shall be used for the entry and exit points to the Sanctum Sanctorum. The green tiled floor seen outside the main frame of glass covered area are meant for performing the devotional circumbulation (Pradakshin) by the yogis around the Sanctum Sanctorum. Similar provision has been made at the inner side of this glass covered area.
Two huge tents are being pitched for  hosting the incoming male yogis while one tent shall be reserved for the Yoginis. Most of the existing Toilets have  been renovated. Currently with addition of another few number of toilets almost 85-100 of them are already available. Provision for portable toilets are also under consideration to be made available to the collective on these two days. Sufficient quantity of water is available from ground water source to cater to yogis for toilet and bathing. There will be a provision for a separate stall that  will ensure sufficient supply of flowers and bouquet  on these two days of event for the interested yogis for buying within the campus for individual offering at the sanctum Sanctorum.  Another  stall to cater  refreshments shall be available to  the yogi to buy light snacks and tea . A separate tent will be meant for providing assistance facilities besides a number of registration counters and three separate counters meant for donations.
As the days are approaching, Nirmal Dham has also started receiving an overwhelming volume of visitors and yogis especially on weekends. Though on the regular week days,  several groups of yogis are seen arriving  individually as well as in groups for meditating and and enjoying the vibrations around and then leave the place late in the evening. Especially on Saturday and Sundays the rush becomes  so much that it seems like we see on puja over-flooding the  campus filled with bhaktas. Yogis shares the warmth with each other by resting on the green grasses as they spend their whole day resting and chatting around. The collective joy of getting collective at this holy place is realised.
Provision for live coverage on official website shall soon be officially declared after the final test launches. It is likely to be distributed in as many numbers of website for hosting and enabling wider transmission especially for those yogis who shall be watching it live from Cabella on 23rd Feb. Although the live web cast coverage will commence from 22Feb. early morning.
The attached photographs seen are snapshot of 16th February. Expecting to complete the entire process (of preparation of hosting yogis for the event of 22-23 Feb) by 21st February. We shall try to provide update and also photographs as the work progresses from Nirmal Dham.
Jai Shri Mataji
From Nirmal Dham

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