Monday, 13 February 2012

The finishing touches and works at Nirmal Dham as on 13 February 2012

As the countdown begins for 23rd Feb, the milieu around the Nirmal Dham seems to be gradually waking up from its slumber and paving its path into a live Divine setting. The current scenario at Nirmal Dham has completely transformed its earlier look. Now it can be seen sporting a colourful look with omnipresent fragrance of vibrations blended with love emanating from every corners of the campus. It reminds one of the verses from Shri Ganesh Atharvashirsham....

..Ava Pascha Tat...Ava purasTat ......Ava UttaraTat..... Ava DakhninaTat....Ava ChaudhaTat.....Ava DharaTat...(Meaning He is omnipresent from all directions from Behind (West) , front(East), ,Left(North), Right(South) from Above and below .One can just feel  the divine presence of Shri Ganesha  element anywhere in the Campus. Shri Ganesha Himself  seems to be omnipresent with His auspicious movement guarding the temple and emitting the fragrance around.

The very look of the place where Mother's casket is positioned - the sanctum sanctorum itself now looks like the 'temple of God'- 'A heaven amidst the greenery backdrop'. The silence inside express the protocol and the love of God that is so tangible when one meditate inside.  The work progress is at its best and is going in full swing with all necessary finishing touches, which is in fact enhancing the aesthetics in and around the Sanctum Sanctorum. A magnificent chandelier expressing a baroque style of art spans the ceiling with a six feet height and a circumferential spread of four and a half feet centrally decorating the inner hall and enlightening the shrine.

The spire of the temple dons a huge magnificent 'kalash' made up of brass especially ordered. The structure weighing around 70 kilograms is seven and a half feet in height.

Two stone carved Lions in marble weighing almost 800 kilograms each occupies the front space at the entrance /gateway to the Sanctum Sanctorum. It appears majestic and elegant yet ferocious, but sports a lovable appearance that stands conspicuously in contrast withe the backdrop like the waiting vehicle of the Devi Sherowali (The Devi Who rides on Lion) meant for guarding Her resting placing at the gateway.

The altar that was so long positioned outside the Sanctum for the visitors during the work progress has now  been re-assembled at the original place, that is where the casket of Mother has been placed. The casket now is adorned in spotless marble raised platform. The entire Sanctum Sanctrum has now been restored in a glass covered arena.

Entire circular dimension of the Sanctum Sanctorum has three large see-through glass doors openings with 15x12 feet dimensions each. The one at the front centally visible  has been fixed for a direct view of Mother's altar. Two doors by the side of the fixed central front door have been meant for the entry and the exit points to the Sanctum Sanctorum. Besides there are seven glass windows of 8x12 feet dimension spanning the entire central domal structure of the Sanctum Sanctorum. It has one flexible glass panes with the other fixed. In total the openings to the Sanctum Sanctorum are ten. This number again makes a magical combination of seven Chakras plus three channels to signify the subtle system. Also it symbolizes the advent of the Ten Principal Master's incarnation on Earth. Interestingly, for the music connoisseurs also it reminds us of the famous songs of Kabir that Mother often used to relate. Kabir in his song says ‘Saiyan Nikash Gayo main Na Ladi Thee….Rang mahal ke Dus Dawrwaje….’ refering to the ten vital openings in human beings guarding the Spirit and the Mother Kundalini.

Provision for devotional perambulation has also been very nicely paved with a ten feet wide green marble circling outside the glass cover.While inner parambulation provision is also maintained.

On last 12th of February the first collective offering of flower was made at Her Divine lotus Feet of Shri Mataji on behalf of the world collective. A large garland comprising 1000 of assorted flowers were offered on behalf of the world collective. Two representatives were from India while Maphieu Rimbert - a yogi from France and another yogini named Saraswati from Thailand (currently camping at Delhi on her official assignment). The flower offering was done subsequently offering  a 39 pages print out comprising names of 1779 yogis (from all over the world, who had registered on the evenbrite website for this aupicious flower offering desire on behalf of world collective) at Mother's Divine Lotus Feet at Nirmal Dham (Video Coverage).
Mother knows that the love is over pouring from all corners (whether registered or not registered) of the world. Hence, it does not however reflect/express the right figures announced by the international eventbrite team with limited names of yogis joining teh collective desire. It is true that today attention of all brothers and sisters are on Mother's Holy Feet in Nirmal Dham where She eternally is resting. But of course the overwhelming response is indeed a joyful beginning and bliss to witness that express our collective strength of love that we announce standing on a single platform.
O,our most holy Mother, we all love You. Kindly bless us all to be Your worthy children to propagate Your Divine message across the globe.
Jai Shri Mataji 
yogi from Nirmal Dham,

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