Sunday, 5 February 2012


Dear Yogis,
Good news!  Our yogi brother, Kavoos Soofi,of Toronto,  has received a stay from his deportation to Iran which was set for February 7. Monday he will be out of prison. Tonight he is breaking his fast. It does not mean he is totally free because the case is still going on. But at least he is out of prison and the deportation has been cancelled for now.  
Let us all pray to Our Divime Mother that soon all countries will be free of tyranny and evil people! :Let us all unite in the battle against all evil so that Sahaja Yoga and Divine Vibrations of our Divine Mother will soon permeate throughout the entire world!  Because of  Kavoos, many people ( Sahaja Yogis and non- yogis) came together to fight injustice and all those who hunger for power and dominion over innocent people.
love, anna

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