Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Nirmal Dham as on Feb. 2nd, 2012

Attached are the Photographs shot today at Nirmal Dham.

Nirmal Dham is gradually donning a new look with the roll of days as 23rd February  is approaching near. The first take and test run of the live webcast have already been undertaken by the team at Nirmal Dham today gearing up for 22nd -23rd event.

Provision for two different servers are being considered/arranged to cover the details of the event for these two days.The existing website will support the live webcast for the two days event from Nirmal Dham besides another website which shall shortly be announced. The main objective is to maximize viewership of the  live transmission of the events through these two server for the consecutive  two days with a steady transmission and brilliant reception at the other end combating the expected heavy traffic across the globe during the live streaming .

The website is likely to host selective webcast viz, of the  important event like Havan , Puja and a few hour coverage of the musical evening, while the other server may host a 24X7 session from 22nd to 23rd February. The link proposed to be used engaging the other server for the event will be announced shortly.

However still-shots of the events/archived videos  and story besides periodical progressive work impressions will be made available through . Please stay tuned for official announcements to catch up live webcast.

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