Wednesday, 8 February 2012

a piece of recollection

Linda Williams
I am rearranging the recollections chronologically and came across this interesting one - see below - it just shows we don't really have a clue what is going on - and also why footsoaking is a seriously good idea!

More and more one realises that every single thing Mother asked us to do had/has a very deep and important reason. Some of us in the uk are thinking of trying to collect all these bits of advice together, under the heading 'sahaja culture'. Any ideas would be good especially from people who heard things directly from Shri Mataji.

Walking in the streets of Rome

In 1982 Shri Mataji went to Rome to hold some public meetings, and I decided I would jump on a train and travel from London to help. It so happened that I was the only English person to go and I was very blessed and honoured to be invited to stay in the very same flat as Shri Mataji, and on several occasions we went shopping for marble and pictures etc.

On one occasion whilst walking through the cobbled streets of Rome Shri Mataji’s steps became very laboured, as though She was dragging a heavy weight. We wondered what could be the cause of this obvious discomfort to our Holy Mother. She explained that there were hundreds of souls hanging onto Her legs begging for redemption.

She also told us that it is for this same reason that we the Sahaja Yogis feel heavy at the end of the day. When we go out in our daily lives many souls who are unable to take a birth (they are stuck in a sort of limbo) see that we are realised souls. They know we have our connection with the Goddess and that we will be able to transport them to Shri Mataji. She explained that they are not bad and mean us no harm. When we sit and have our footsoak in the evening these tormented souls pass though the flame to Shri Mataji, and are then able to take another birth, thus being given another chance to get their self realisation.

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