Thursday, 24 May 2012

Nirmala Vidya Project

The following message is relayed from the brothers and sisters of the Nirmala Vidya Project.


We provided some information about the project during the last Sahasrara Puja Seminar in Cabella and you will find the presentation here. You will learn about the advancement of the preservation of the recorded life of Shri Mataji, the transcriptions, the future website and the budget.

Where to see videos of Shri Mataji online?

The launch of the website may take a few months more and in the meantime there is a solution available.

The person who was managing until now the website expressed her desired to join the Nirmala Vidya team. We have then linked our videos and audio database to that website and you can now access for free around 1'000 events in different formats such as transcripts, videos (653) and audios (696). The registration of every Yogi made to this website will also be valid for the new nirmalavidya website.

Until such time when we will have the new website available, which will come with many new functionalities, (see presentation above), new videos and audios will regularly be added to the website. 

Individual and collective concern

We strongly believe that you are all aware that the responsibility of preserving and spreading the legacy of Shri Mataji is the outmost responsibility of each and every Sahaja Yogi and Yogini.

As you can see in the presentation above regarding the budget, to preserve, protect and disseminate for free the recorded life of Shri Mataji is not without cost.

Until now only approximate 50 SYs have made a donation to the project and we can advance in the development of the website only with the financial support of the World Foundation. They are also supporting financially Devi Production in principle until the end of June. 

Therefore we strongly need your support now and would be really thankful if you could pass on the message to your collectivity and encourage each SY to make a donation, if possible on a regular basis.

For that you can give the following link through your email network with your message of support:

Please support with a donation in $ or a donation in € the preservation and diffusion of the legacy of Shri Mataji!

Transcription and Translation
Translations and transcriptions of talks are of key importance to allow each end every SY to access the message of Shri Mataji.

We will be able to use the website for the people participating in this process.
For the moment the main point is to start the process of translations and transcriptions, by establishing working groups and defining the processes.

For that purpose we need to have the support of all the SYs around the world who have very good English skills and would be happy to give a little of their time on a regular basis to transcribe and/or translate the Talks.

The transcriptions will be coordinated by us (the Nirmala Vidya team) and in case you have people in your collectivity that could help with this activity, please contact us at transcriptions (at)

Regarding translations you can contact us at contact (at) in order to understand the process. Translations require a team of yogis working together to ensure the best possible quality of translations. 

If you have already material translated and verified, would it be possible for you to send us the list with the following informations: date, title, place, country, source (Text, video, audio) of each translated events and the translation itself for us to put it in the website? Thanks a lot

If you have questions or need some explanation we are of course at your disposal.

With Love

Eric & Christian
Nirmala Vidya llc

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