Monday, 18 June 2012

Canajoharie -- Arts Academy Camp Registration!

From our Dear Brothers and Sisters in the USA,

Dear Family,

This marks the third year we are offering an "Arts Academy" camp where yogis from different places can come together to learn various arts from great Sahaja Yogi artists and performers while staying on the much vibrated land of Nirmal Nagari.  Each year we have been able to add a few more items to our  course offerings while maintaining a reasonable cost for those who wish to learn.  This year is no exception.

Also, know that when you register, you may partake in as many classes as you have time for, or, concentrate on only those you want to learn most.

Take a look at what we've put together so far:
Landscape Painting
Canvas Painting with Acrylic
Indian Cooking
Classical Indian Vocals

Louise Ruelland Exhibitor/ teacher brings 32 years of experience, research, and knowledge to  the Arts Camp. Self-taught, she shares her painting techniques at demo conferences world-wide.
Anadita Basu Multi-dexterous Artist/ performer, well-recognized for her accomplishments in both Colombia and India, comes to Nirmal Nagari to deliver instruction in half a dozen different disciplines.  
 Seema Gulati Teacher/ performer provides Sitar instruction at the renown Shahid Parvez Khan Academy of Music in Phoenix, AZ.     
Jeff Raum  Muralist/ Make-up artist/ Interior design professor/ Decorative painter/ Stencil designer/ Actor/ Painting Teacher..............
DATES                  July 15th – August 4rd
1  week
2 weeks
3 WeeksDay 

$400* $40

Youths (10 yrs and up), non-working adults and seniors

Rates cover courses, food, and stay in the hanger or in one of the collective tents. (You may also bring your own tent).  Depending on which classes you take, there will be a small additional fee ($2 -$3 per day) for painting supplies or/and instrument rental or use.  For anyone who requires a ride to/ from Albany for pickup/ drop-off, there will be a small charge to cover fuel costs.
*Discount for attendees of Family Camp who also attend Arts Camp will be -$25.  Or, for multiple family member enrollments -$25 each for 2nd and 3rd family members.  Discounts apply to enrollments of one or more weeks. 
Notebook, or recording device plus other things listed here:     
Rides from and to Albany bus/ rail/ airport can be provided at fixed times. To schedule your rides please call Michael at 518-225-1745, or  
From NYC to Albany, go to  for $15 bus fares
Driving directions can be found here:  or use this address in your GPS: "287 Starkville Rd, Fort Plain NY 13339"

We hope you will be joining us!
Jai Shri Mataji!
SahajArts Team

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