Tuesday, 26 June 2012

CEL Workshop Cabella Guru Puja 2012

Imagine going every day to a vibrated workplace and having work meetings with other realized souls. Come and learn how to set up and give programs at your work or in any institution using the CEL model based on Shri Mataji's direct guidance. Join hands with CEL members from 34 countries in enlightening the corporate and government world!

Workshop Date: Monday, July 9, 2012

Start Time: 3pm

End Time: 4:30pm



1) What Is CEL?
    a) Who we are, our mission from Shri Mataji - 5 min
    b) Recent projects - 25 min

2) How Does It Work: Demo
    a) Practical tips (how to grow your audience from 20 to 700) - 10 min
    b) Demo - 15 min

3) Let's Enlighten The World
    a) What is a CEL coach? Using CEL online training to reach the world from your home - 10 min
    b) News from around the world, newsletter, how to join - 10 min
    c) Q&A - 15 min


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