Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Shri Guru Puja Invitation : July 6th - 8th, Canajoharie NY.

"Nabhi Chakra as you know, you get it from your mother to begin with. So a Guru has to be the mother, he must have the qualities of a mother – not the modern mothers, but in the real sense of the word: that a Guru has to love her children and has to have strength and courage to correct her children. So the first nourishment comes to us even when we are in the womb of the mother, through the mother; and so you are the mother though you may be a man or woman, but in quality you are a mother. And whatever you think or whatever you do has an effect on the child. The way you behave, the way you talk, the way you live, everything has a bearing on the development of the child." (H.H. Shri Mata Ji. Guru Puja 1989)
Jai Shri Mata Ji Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We, the Sahaja Yogis of the hosting collectives, invite you, our brothers and sisters from North America and other countries to join us in the offering of our love, and devotion to, our most revered Guru, Holy Mother Param Pujaya Shri Mataji  Nirmala Devi on the most auspicious occasion of Shri Guru Puja 2012.

By the grace of our Divine Mother, celebrations will take place in Nirmal Nagari, Canajoharie, NY, from July 6th – 8th.
Planned Activities for the weekend.
 July 6 - Evening Meditation, Bhajans & Dinner.
 July 7 - Morning Meditation, Breakfast, Workshop, Presentation, Lunch, Pond, Nature Walk, Dinner &  Entertainment Programs.
 July 8 - Breakfast, Puja, Lunch(to-go) & Departure.

For Registration, what to bring, driving directions & Puja Weekend Rates, please visit Nirmal Nagari USA. Transportation help is being planned from Albany to Canajoharie and back, please include your details in the Registration Form.
Alternatively, you can Click Here for Registration Only. Registration Ends - June 30th 2012. 
For any questions or suggestions, please contact gurupuja2012@dcsahajayoga.org

With Love, Yours Humbly,
Washington DC, Georgia and Mid-West Hosting Collectives

Thank you,

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