Monday, 18 June 2012

Travelling to Cabella - Update

This is a short note for people booking flights to Cabella this summer.

For people arriving late at airports there is some important news: although the last direct train from Milano central to Arquata Scrivia leaves at 20*25 there is now a train to Voghera at 22*25 where you can change and take a train to Arquata , arriving there at midnight.

Bergamo airport

Bergamo airport offers low cost flights but these often arrive late and leave early which represents a big problem for transport. Before booking your flight please consider the following information:

  • The last direct train from Milano to Arquata Scrivia leaves at 20*25
  • There is a train leaving Milano at 22*25 to Voghera, it arrives at 23*20 and at 23*28 there is another train to Arquata Scrivia
  • In our experience few yogis arrive at Bergamo, unless there is a group of 7/8 or more than 16 we cannot pick up there
  • There are no Sahaja yogis living near the airport (we hope this will change)
  • There is no ashram or collective house in Milan to stay at (we hope this will change)
  • For returns it is impossible to arrive at Bergamo airport before 09*00 using public transport

Warm regards,
Transport Team

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