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Sahaja Education Conference (Cabella, 7th July 2012)

Sahaja Education Conference                                                                                                                   
7th July 2012
At Guru puja this year, a very enthusiastic and joyful group of teachers, lecturers and anyone interested in education (in and outside of Sahaja Yoga) came together, including representatives from Sahaja Yoga Schools. As we all know, Shri Mataji is the Guru of all gurus and the Supreme Educator so it felt like a very auspicious time to have such a conference.
There were three key speakers and workshops and general discussion. We were welcomed in Cabella School with the support of the World Foundation. The idea was for this to be a small first step that could blossom.
There were a number of aims for the day
1.       To explore the conference topic in depth with the aim of reaching an understanding and a consensus of what Sahaja education is.
2.       To move further towards a consistent, universally practiced, sahaja system of education in keeping with Shri Matajis' teachings and vision.
3.       To create a forum where yogis who are running or planning new education projects have the opportunity to share knowledge,  advice and support from the wider collective of teachers and educators.
And some objectives
4.       To share experiences of professional educators who are also yogis working in education at Sahaja and non Sahaja establishments.
5.       To share the findings of the explorations of different topics by those yogis within the education and Sahaja system.
6.       To assess the model we are currently using in Sahaja schools.
7.       To test the current model against new information, findings, from professional educators who are Sahaja yogis working in the education field.
8.       To learn, from the conference, the elements that will improve our current model and help us move towards a clearer Sahaja system of education.
9.       To apply the tried and tested elements in our respective areas of education work whether within a Sahaja school or non-Sahaja school.
10.   To feedback the success or otherwise of the new applications at the next conference.
11.   To present new Sahaja education projects.
While lots of the aims and objectives were achieved it was impossible to cover everything, and we are aiming to cover more in consecutives meetings.
Everyone shared their experiences and findings and it was very interesting to notice that many have been exploring the same areas. We were able to explore the great educationalists and realized Souls of the past – Tagore, Gandhi and many others.
We were unable to have time to clarify our current model of Sahaja Education – but it would be great to give this more time in the future. In the meantime we can collect practices ready for next time such as Sri Mataji's teachings and how they relate to what we are doing.
There was a great feeling of inspiration and flow to the day, many branches of the same tree found they had the same roots.  There was a clarification as to what Sahaja Education is and emergence of themes while many issues still remain.
Humanistic approaches to education from great souls were presented past and present and how they related to Sahaja Yoga.
There were great input and discussion from yuvas about their experiences in Sahaja Schools.
There were lots of current projects presented. And a chance for everyone there to network and talk about fresh approaches and link ups with each other for future projects.  Everyone joyfully discovered that there are many creative ways to have Sahaja Yoga in many different educational institutions.
What did we learn from the conference?
·         First, the collective consciousness seemed to have a need for this conference and everything flowed in a very auspicious way that seemed to indicate the importance of continuing with future conferences.
·         Sahaja education is only possible when both students and educators are in connection with the divine and it happens through us. The sahaja teacher has to aim to be the guru.
·         Knowledge is communicated spontaneously with love – not merely the passing of information but the collective ascent towards the creator. And that connects tothe root of the word education which  is educere – to bring forth and guide.
·         All the elements of education have to be at the service of this principle i.e. technology, curriculum etc.
·         Enlightened Education happens with minimal interference from ego and conditioning from teachers, parents, students.
·         There is no fixed system but we have to adapt to the reality of the situation and each student is an individual and should be respected. The children learn to listen to their own spirit and become their own guru…that is the right state to learn. This is how all great artists work but it can be applied to all subjects.
·         The importance of creativity and nature for all and the importance of play, as Shri Mataji has said so many times.
·         There were lots of specific and practical suggestions for Sahaja Education made during the day that will be put in a later document once all emails and minutes of the different workshops have been put together.
Action plan:
·         To get full feedback from brothers and sisters through the email at 
·         Distribute Power Points and other materials at the request of the participants.
·         To create a means for everyone keeping in touch such as a blog or facebook group.
·         To try to create a community of Sahaja teachers and lecturers sharing their discoveries and experiences.
·         To find out more about the use of technology/IT in schools – at which age etc.
·         To target early next year for a new conference and contributions and papers.
·         At this new conference hopefully, there will be some application of what has been talked about and we can have feedback on how it has worked.
·         We recommend that everyone reads Education Enlightened and Sri Mataji's many Texts on education as these are the very roots of Sahaja education and its future.
·         A project could be to compile all Shri Mataji's sayings on education.
·         A long term objective to compile a document that could be given to the wider society and governments to influence the future of all mankind.
The Education Conference Team


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