Friday, 17 August 2012

Join in at the World Centre Festival in Cabella

From: Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi World Foundation

As the week of the World Centre Festival approaches (from Monday 27th to Friday 31st August) , please allow us to remind those of you who plan to be in Cabella at that time, that this event takes place without any hosting countries.  It is a perfect opportunity to do things as we once used to, under than benevolent guidance of Mother, where everyone took responsibility for the overall success of the event.  The collective experience of those occasions are a treasured memory for all of us.

In this spirit, everyone who plans to take part is warmly invited to take at least one turn helping in the kitchens, preparing and serving the food for everyone.  Next week we will be sending an email to all those who have registered indicating the meal and the day on which they are invited to help.  Please take note of this or, if you cannot check your email before making your journey to Cabella, when you arrive please check in the kitchens to see what your shift is.

On Saturday morning of the 25th August, at 11:00, there will be a meeting inside the hangar for anyone who would like to volunteer in other areas as well, such as stage management, selling food vouchers, first aid, cleaning and rubbish management etc.  Please do not be shy about coming forward.  The experience of working for the collective in this way and offering the fruit of your labour at the feet of our Divine Mother is one that we would like everyone to share.

We look forward to seeing you and working with you all in Cabella.

The World Centre Festival  Team

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