Wednesday, 5 September 2012

2012 Sahaja Yoga Asian Tour / Miracle photo

Jai Shri Mataji!!
Dear Yogis,

We to present to our Sahaja family the  Video of the recent 2012 Sahaja Yoga Asian Tour visiting Vietnam, Malaysia,
Philippines and Taiwan. Around 6,000 to 7,000 seekers received their self realisation during the Tour.

In the world today life for many has no meaning. We see people whose  dreams for a better world has faded away.
Many  seekers are lost to themselves.  For a world that is broken Shri Mataji is the only answer. The only hope. The  end toall the searching. Shri Adi Shakti  has given humanity the gift of salvation, of perfect grace,  the answer,  the pure desire,and the completion of all hope.
For over thirty five  years Our Mother showed us the way to help save the world by spreading Sahaja Yoga through Her Tours.

At times Shri Mataji has spoken of the dream that Her children take up this responsibility. In sharing this video,
there is no intention to promote, or to raise up, only  to encourage this work. To allow as many seekers as possible
to see Shri Mataji and  attend a program. The  Yogis involved only desire is to help change the world using the power of Divine love.

Our most Beloved Mother You have showed us the way through the  power of Your  love.  Of  the formless expression of Your love granting self-realisation. The world can be so transformed.  All things  may change, the  enlightenment of the world maybe brought one step closer. It is with our continuing commitment to Shri Mataji's perfect love that we venture into the world. And in part  return  for all that we have been given. Here's the link to the Hi-Res version video. we hope you may enjoy.

Video has also been added to the the Realise the World site...

Last weekend Sydney the collective were  celebrating  HH Shri Mataji's Puja in  Virata Viratangna form at our National Center at  Balmoral,  we very much felt HH Shri Mataji's presence. HH Shri Mataji's showed Her presence in a miracle photograph that was taken after the Aarti .

Shri Mataji's face appeared just above the stage. Many have been requesting this photograph,  Shri Mataji's smiling face is seen   just to the right of the black speaker in the middle of picture, outlined within  the smoke of the Aarti Lamp which had just been used for  Her sacred and holy Puja worship.

We offer this all this humbly to Your Lotus Feet, from which all the stars emanate and all that is good radiates through Your universe(s).

on behalf of the many Yogis involved with this work.

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