Saturday, 22 September 2012

Invitation to International Christmas Puja 2012 - Ukraine

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

From the depths of our hearts, we warmly invite all of you to the hospitable city of Kyiv for the occasion of International Christmas Puja.

All information regarding the Puja and related events will be written on the website: The website will be launched shortly, with updates being made regularly.

A festival on the occasion of the International Puja will be celebrated from the 29th of December, 2012 to the 1st January, 2013. The tentative program during the festival includes a Havan, Christmas and New Year Puja, and musical programs.

The registration fee is UAH 450 for adults and UAH300 for children, yuva shakti and low-income yogis. Children under the age of 7 years register for free (without the provision of the bed).

The cost for food – UAH65 per person per day – will be paid separately. Please note that we are unable to accept payment in euros. You can check for the exchange rate here:

Boarding and lodging are comfortable. Sisters and senior Sahaja Yogis will be allotted to places free of cost in the hostel. Brothers can be accommodated in a warm hall with a rubber-cushioned floor. In any case, sleeping bags and roll mats are recommended for all. Photographs of the hall and detailed information for boarding and lodging will be provided on the website shortly.

We request everyone who plans to take part in the festival of International Christmas Puja to register via

This preliminary registration is necessary, as we can know the tentative number of people taking part in the festival.

Information necessary to get a visa for coming to Ukraine can be found here:

If you need a visa, please contact to Vladimir Bazhenov till 20 Oct. His email address is

Please, update yourself regarding the information on the website:

Looking forward to see you all,

With love,
Sahaja Yogis of Ukraine

Thank you,

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