Wednesday, 26 September 2012

New Zealand Tour: First Report

Had the first program in Ruapotaka Primary School today in Auckland at 1.30pm. The whole school was
 there (197 kids), aged 5 to 12 years.
We had no idea how we would be received... would they respond?, would they be able to sustain interest
over 1 hour?, would there be positive support from the staff etc...
The concert started with Ganesha Ganesha, and we taught the chorus the children before we started. They were
with us right from the beginning and the vibrations were very strong. Then we sang Raining on the Rock, first
explaining a little bit about Uluru. Then we sang the Native American Indian song "We Are the Children of the
 Earth", with Merenia standing out the front doing Maori inspired movements that the children copied.

Jai Jai Bolo followed and then the highlight "Jogawa" The children were completely taken by this song and
 responded to it with such a passion at the end of each verse. It was like a new version of Jogawa, and on
the last verse they clapped along with great enthusiasm, shouting out "Ude" and Ho" even where we hadn't
 taught them.
Next Caroline (a born Primary teacher) led them through a session of "Mental Stillness" and then we sang a
 traditional Maori lullaby "Hine e Hine". To see the deep meditative state that some of these young children
(and a few of the staff) were in was incredibly moving. Last song was Haida which was greatly enjoyed by all.
Shri Mataji poured Her love on all present and we all felt uplifted. A very auspicious beginning to this tour of
New Zealand (the land of Auspiciousness).
Jai Shri Mataji!
Music of Joy


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