Thursday, 20 September 2012

Registration information for Christmas/New Year Seminar in Florida - Need your response by Sept. 23

Dear Brothers, Sisters, Family and Friends,

Florida collective seeks your presence for the Christmas Puja Seminar in the Sun Shine State of FLORIDA ... (this is a special invite for all those Yogis from White WINTER states from up north :) 

As was informed from an earlier email communication (please see below) we need a tentative head count so that the venue can be reserved ASAP.
You can register for this seminar at the following URL created at Event Brite

As time of essence to initiate the preparation please register on the site at the earliest possibility.

The registration will be closed on Sept. 23 so as to give the organizing team members enough time to initiate the preparations for this beautiful and divine initiative.

Looking forward for your enthusiastic participation and help in making this desire of ours a reality.

Jai Shri Mataji

Best Regards,

Florida Sahaj Collective - USA

Dear Family,

We the sahaja yogis of Florida want to put forth a desire to have Christmas Puja/ New Year Seminar from December 28th - 30th. This is a first ever attempt to have a national level seminar in Florida and we are really praying from our hearts that it becomes a reality. For that we need your support and attention. Many of you across the nation have expressed your interest and desire in the past for a seminar here.

For the past four months, yogis across the state have been researching  multiple venues across the panhandle to find something suitable. One place which has come up amongst all is located about an hour from Orlando. It is a beautiful retreat and campsite with a huge lake ( with alligators of course !! ). But don't be worried. Almost any place with water in Florida has alligators in it :)

This campsite/retreat is operated by an organization called the Life Enrichment Center and they encourage all initiatives that improve life in general. The director and the head chef took their realization within the first half hour of us being there. Their faces were beaming with joy and peace once they experienced their self-realization. The vibrations overall are very nice in the area. You can read more about the place here:

What amenities are available:

This retreat has permanent rooms with attached bathrooms, a beautiful hall that can seat 400 people and a dining room with catered food. There are fire pits already ready to go for havans.

The time we are aiming for will be very good since the retreat is always empty at that time and we most probably will have the whole place to ourselves :)

What will it take to make the seminar happen:

We need participation of at least a 100 attendees to make it happen. A rough estimate of pricing is as follows:

( All pricing includes food and lodging for the three days)

Adults: $170.00 USD
Yuvas ( 6 - 18 ): $100.00 USD
Children 6 and below: FREE

We can only meet this pricing if we get 100 registered participants.

Next Steps:

We will be sending out a follow up event for a registration site. Once we have registrations, we will be reaching out to the registrants and asking them to put down a small deposit of $20.00/head so that we can reserve the camp site.

We humbly request all of you to put your attention on this seminar and make it a reality. It will provide a much needed vibrational boost for this state.

With all our love,
Florida collective


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