Monday, 29 October 2012

Preparation for puja - suggestions from Vashi doctors

Dear Sahaja Yogi Brothers and Sisters,

Jai Shri Mataji!

We have received few queries from sahaja yogis as to how to prepare one-self for pujas.

We, doctors at Vashi Health Centre have also observed that sahaja yogis are coming with many health issues and also have difficulty in getting to thoughtless awareness state. Hence, we felt we could share our reply to this query with all sahaja yogis across the globe to prepare ourselves individually and collectively for the upcoming Diwali Puja.

We know that we are all connected to our Divine Mother and She has connected all of us collectively to each other.Thus it is essential that we all clear our chakras individually and collectively for our spiritual ascent.This can only happen when we will all rise above our agnya & vishudhi chakras and become one united family.

Vibrationally, in order to achieve thoughtlessness state and reach our Sahasrara, we could all work as follows:

1. Do foot soak every day.

2. Use icepack on right swadisththana, liver and right agnya (left temple region i.e. area above and in front of left ear).

3. While doing foot soak to clear right side and central mooladhara chakra (keep right hand towards Shri Mataji, left hand towards the Mother Earth)take Shri Ganesha mantra, read 108 names of Shri Kartikeya or simply take the mantra of Shri Kartikeya and affirm “Shri Mataji, You are the pure innocence within me. Please make me an innocent person.”
P.S. All anger, negative thoughts, aggression, ill feelings toward each other gets worked out and pure innocence gets established by clearing right side and central mooladhara chakra.

4. To clear right swadishthana we use affirmation—“Mother I do nothing. Shri Mataji ,Verily .You are The Doer, You are The Enjoyer.”

5. Clear void: To affirm-"Shri Mataji,You are my Guru." 

6.To clear right agnya: a) Take Shri Buddha Mantra -

Dhamam Sharanam Gachami
Buddham Sharanam Gachami
Sangam Sharanam Gachami

b) Reading prayer to Lord Buddha will help dissolve ego.

7. On Agnya Chakra: -To recite Lord’s Prayer, recite the beeja mantra " Om Hum Kshum "and affirm
“I forgive everyone including myself. O Divine Mother, please forgive me and all 
sahaja yogis of the world for any mistake made against the spirit and work of Shri Adishakti .”

8. Shoe beat ego, super ego, all badhas and negativity affecting our spiritual ascent and the unity, love and peace in sahaja yoga family.

9. Listen to or recite Shri Hanuman Chalisa, keeping right hand toward Shri Mataji’s photograph and left hand towards the sky. This will help in bringing down the overactive right side.

10. Meditate on Nabhi, Vishuddhi, heart chakras and the Sahasrara.

For the chakras--we can keep left hand towards Shri Mataji’s photograph and right hand on the chakras and meditate. We can also recite Shri Ganesha Atharvasheesha on these chakras and seek Lord Ganesha’s Blessings to enlighten these chakras.
For meditation on Sahasrara-- we can keep both hands towards Shri Mataji’s photograph.

11. To nourish weakened left channel (meditation given by Shri Mataji):

Meditate first with right hand towards Shri Mataji’s photograph & left hand to sky
Then vice versa (for longer period of time) i.e. left hand towards Shri Mataji’s photograph & right hand to sky.

Our humble request to all sahaja yogis is to please try the sahaja yoga clearance techniques and meditate. We at Vashi Health Health Centre have started in a small way towards collective clearance along with the local sahaja yogis of Navi Mumbai. You all can also try out individually and collectively in your weekly collective meetings.

We are very positive that this will not only make great improvement in our vibrational state but will also help to resolve all issues of concern in Sahaja yoga family with mutual love and understanding.

All Sahaja Yogis love Shri Mataji and in order to express our love and please our Most Beloved Mother Param Pujya Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi let us all come together. 

With love & regards.
All doctors of Vashi Health centre