Friday, 12 October 2012

Videos about Cabella School & Tape Preservation

Please see below a link to a simple, homemade video giving you a guided tour of the renovation work on the new school building.  We thought you might appreciate taking a look at how some of the money you donate to the foundation is being spent.

We also include a link to an old video about the Tape Preservation Project that many people have asked for.  Since the video was made, management of Tape Preservation has passed from the Foundation to NIPC.  However, the basic process of preserving Mother's talks remains unchanged and continues under the responsibility of the Sahaja Yogis at Devi Productions.

Please remember that we still need to collect at least another 150,000 euros before the end of the year in order to meet out fundraising goal.  Any extra support you can provide us will be greatly appreciated.

Please enjoy the videos, which last about 10 minutes each.

- Renovations to the New School Building
- Tape Preservation

Warm regards,
Foundation News Team

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