Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Launch New website dedicated to Shri Mataji!

Dear Brothers & Sisters,
    It is with deep joy and happiness that we share with you the launch of a new website dedicated to Shri Mataji (http://shrimataji.org).
Throughout Her life, Shri Mataji traveled continuously, meeting people in every part  of the world to give to them the gift of Self Realization, to  enlighten their awareness and establish a benevolent foundation with each  individual. The seed of our blossoming kundalini and basis of our Guru  Tattwa supports each person to grow and overcome the widespread negativities all  over the world. Shri Mataji consistently encouraged each of us to  establish ourselves at the level of the spirit and with our instrument, spread Her  message, giving self-realization and awakening the same in others.  She has given all Her blessings; Her Divine qualities to do so with complete  confidence and joy.
This website differs from other Sahaja Yoga websites in that the primary goals and  focus are 100% about Shri Mataji; to share with the world Her  life's work and the legacy that She has left to humanity. 

    Included within this scope is a biography of Her life; a growing section of broader topics  about which She has given Her guidance; Her gift to the world that is  self-realization, meditation and Sahaja Yoga; a travel map with locations She  visited over the years and a dedicated section to Her words, including videos and text.  This website has been designed with the sincere desire that it be useful to the  general public, rather than just Sahaja Yogis, or even just seekers.  
There is no doubt that this aim has presented quite a learning curve to all of us  and a challenge to meet. ShriMataji.org is an active, ongoing,  evolving project and has so far collectively involved over one hundred Sahaja Yogis  from all over the world who volunteered and contributed  photography, writing, editing, video, design, sourced content, checked dates &  facts, found quotations and put forward suggestions and solutions. We  are just at the start in these efforts and clearly there is room to improve the  website.
Above all, ShriMataji.org is most humbly dedicated with more love and gratitude than  words could ever express to Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi who was, is  and forever will be the source of inspiration to us all!  If you would like to help enable this website to reach a wider audience:  Link: a link to http://ShriMataji.org can be included on  your own website, using relevant linking text such as: Learn more  about Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi or Shri Mataji founder of Sahaja Yoga.    * Facebook: click the "Like" button at the top-right of any page on the website to  like the page on Facebook.    * Google+: click the red "+1" button, also at the-top right of any page to endorse  the website on Google+.     * YouTube: visit the video gallery (  http://shrimataji.org.s137859.gridserver.com/site/in-her-words/shri-mataji-video-gallery.html  ) on the website or  the website's YouTube channel ( http://www.youtube.com/ShriMatajiVideos ) and watch  the videos, then be sure to share them with others.    To report any mistakes or send suggestions you can write to feedback@ShriMataji.org  
Jai Shri Mataji  


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