Saturday, 1 December 2012

Virata chart questions

We received many comments regarding the Virata chart enquiring if Shri Hazrat Ali is corresponding to the left or right Swadhistan.

We asked Eduardo and he replied that that is how he was told by a yogi who heard it directly from Shri Mataji that is why he drew it in the left.

To solve this mystery we are asking your help.

Can you identify any talk where Shri Mataji is talking about this topic?

Please use your comments for your answers.

Thank you


sonerce said...

It's not left Swadishan it is Left Nabhi, which Hazrat Ali and Shri Fatima take place.
Shri Mataji talks it about on Shri Fatima pujas.

Dragos said...

can you please give the name of the talk and date?
thank you

Ambadas Jadhav said...

Shri Mataji's speech dated 27th March 1979.

In the above speech Shri Mataji Has explained that Shri Hazrat Ali is corresponding to the left Swadhistan as correctly shown in the Virata chart.