Friday, 22 February 2013

Support Indialucia's recording


Please support INDIALUCIA'S recording... :) ...

There are yogis who met each other in Cabella in 1998 and were invited by Shri Mataji and Babamama to Nagpur to the P.K. Salve Music Academy.

Indialucia is the fusion of two amazing music traditions from ancient India and Andalusian flamenco into one form of art, where the fire of Spain and spirit of the orient smoothly blend together. They spreading their vibrations trough Art, the voice of Mother Earth with her esence of love, beauty and freedom... and they NEED OUR SUPPORT!

Co-create the Loving-Humanity we deserve to be, implies to support The Art we deserve to nourish our souls and awake our counsciousness...

Then, please, help to co-create the Music that our spirit deserve to listen and enjoy!

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