Sunday, 24 February 2013

The power of enthusiasm, Yuvashakti realize Jordan, April 2013

Dear Brothers and Sisters
Our international Yuvas have independently worked out a realization tour to the middle east to bring peace to this area that since centuries has been a place of conflict and war. They have organized on their own organizations and universities to invite them to give realization. They will also go to Jerusalem which is the center Agnya. Please support them in their great commitment towards clearing the vibrations in this area by sending this information and appeal for help to Your collective.  Much Love to all of You, Wolfgang

Dear aunties, uncles and yuvas, 

As many of you might already know, a group of yuvas have been working on putting together a tour in Jordan. We are now happy to announce that the Jordan Tour will be taking place from the 1st to the 14th of April this year! It is so nice to observe how this event is filling so many yogis with excitement and motivation. Lately we have seen many pictures in the news and other media showing the suffering, the fear and the anger of the people in the Middle East. Especially after the anew tension between Israel and Palestine we again felt how important it is to support them by collectively putting our loving attention towards their nations.

Throughout the Jordan Tour we will be performing concerts and workshops for different youth and women organizations, NGO's, schools, and we are currently trying to get permission to work with Palestinian refugees, a great opportunity we got during the Lebanon Tour 2011 and wish to have again this year. This is once again an amazing opportunity to reach out to many people that are ready for a change.

We also want to mention how motivating it is not only to have the support of the yogis but also of the many organizations we have contacted, who are very inspired by what we offer.

Now to the part you were probably all waiting for :-) To make this vision a reality we really need your financial support. We are trying to organize the tour using as little money as possible and most of our expenses will cover accommodation and transportation costs. Our estimated budget needed to host 21 yuvas for 2 weeks including possible hall rentals, sound equipment and printing info materials, is US $12,000. Due to the generosity of the Austrian collective, we have already raised $3,700!!!
Meaning there is $8,300 still to go :-)

Any contribution, big or small, will make the world of difference to us! We have posted a link below where you can donate through our PayPal account. We will keep you updated with the progress of the fundraising and would really appreciate if you could share this post with as many people as possible! 

Thank you verrryyy much for your support!!!!!

Lots of love,
The Jordan Tour team

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