Friday, 22 February 2013

Tribute to our beloved Mother

Tribute to our beloved Mother on the 2nd Mahasamadhi Day
23rd February 2013

In Her Human Motherly Form
She took us all within
sheltered us like babies
cocooned in Her Love.
Cleansed us, washed us
of all our grime and dirt
accumulated and gathered
through life after life after life.
Polished us like diamonds
chiselling out our facets
making us sparkle and shimmer
bearing all the time our pain.

In Her Cosmic Form now
She resides within us all
our Hearts Her Home
our "Sahasraras" Her Abode.
The circle is now complete
the intermingling fully replete,
it is our sacred duty now
to spread the word to one and all.
The entire World now needs
to get apprised and cognized
that such a Complete Being
walked the earth between us
in not too long a distant past !


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