Monday, 1 April 2013

Celebration of 90th birthday of Shri Mataji in Chindwara, India

From: SSY Team
Dear family,

Jai Shri Mataji!

From 19 till 21 March in Chindwara, in the place where 90 years ago
Shri Mataji was born, there took place a celebration of Her Birthday.
The events of the three days devoted to this occasion gathered about
15 thousand Sahaja Yogis from India, Russia, Europe, China and Africa.

On the first day, March 19, there was offered a havan at which Sahaja
Yogis were collectively giving the fire the problems impeding
collective growth and peace on our planet.

The whole day on March 20 there was being held a seminar about the
methods of spreading Sahaja Yoga. There was also held one more seminar
for Yuva Shaktis. In the evening on March 20 there started a cultural
program which included Sahaja Yogis' performances of different genres
and carried enormous vibrations. The evening program started with a
theatrical performance about the struggle of India for independence
one of the main ideas of which was that the role of young Sahaja Yogis
is very important as they have strength and enthusiasm to carry Sahaja
Yoga all over the world.

The music part of the evening program was opened by the Russian group
"Kailash" the members of which were bringing joy to the thousands of
listeners with their qawwalis devoted to Shri Mataji. At the end of
their performance there was sung a very popular qawwali "Meri Mata Ka
Karam" when the multi thousand audience and the musicians became one
whole - through the music, clapping, dancing and vibrations.

Much joy was brought to Sahaja Yogis by the performance of "Nirmal
Sangeet Sarita" the members of which played and sang popular Sahaja
Yoga bhajans and also encouraged the Yogis to dance. By 12 o'clock at
night the meditative state had been deepened with vocal and
instrumental ragas...

At midnight, when a two-level cake was being carried to the middle of
the stage, all Sahaja Yogis were standing with joyful anticipation.

And that joy started pouring into the atmosphere with the first
sounds of birthday carols. It seemed that there was no Yogi, neither
on the stage nor in the hall, who wouldn't dance and shine with
jubilant happiness at that time. Verily we were celebrating the birth
of our Mother, the birth of Sahaja Yoga and the birth of the
opportunity thanks to which we are all Her instruments now. And during
those long minutes of the celebration we really were a huge family
celebrating the birthday of our beloved Mother!

And the joy of the night which penetrated everything around gradually
flowed into the inner joy in the morning when a grand Puja was offered
to Shri Mataji in Her Nirakar form.

During all the three days the house of Shri Mataji was opened for
Sahaja Yogis and all those days there were being performed bhajans
devoted to Mother and ragas. An opportunity to express their devotion
to Shri Mataji through music was given to the musicians from India and
Russia. And the sounds of live Sahaj music were heard in every corner
of the house and meditation halls in the building nearby.

The celebration of Mother's birthday in Chindwara became an
unforgettable experience of joy and oneness for everyone!

Jai Shri Mataji!

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