Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Miguel Czachowski just posted an update to ‘INDIALUCIA - Acatao - the NEW album!’

You've Received a Campaign Update!

Hello Dragos,

Here's an update from Miguel Czachowski for you about 'INDIALUCIA - Acatao - the NEW album!':

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Dear Friends,

After 49 days of the campaign we have received 12.537€!!! This will help us to cover most of the production expenses! And now we will feel more free to do what we planned and dreamed of.

There were over 300 funders spread all over the world, from all the continents, all the nations and different cultures and religions. This proves that our music is beyond borders and is creating a part of the music history.

It is hard for us to describe how much you all gave us!!! It is not just money that we needed so much to produce ACATAO, but above all it is the inspiration that comes from knowing that so many of you around the world like what we do and want our album to be born!!! THANK YOU FRIENDS!

I appreciate all the "likes" that you gave us, all the nice comments, all the money, all your support, heart, all your positive energy, love, every second of your precious time that you spent following our campaign!


We will keep you informed about the progress of the work.


Miguel and the Indialucia 

Thank you, Dragos

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