Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Puja dates update for 2013

 Dear Sisters and Brothers..

 There are some changes to the puja schedule due to feedback indicating that these dates are more auspicious and in line with Shri Mataji's advice.

The main change is the Shri Krishna puja which is moved one week earlier. Guru puja one day earlier and Ganesha puja one day earlier. We apologise if this will cause any inconvenience for you.

 With love from the Central Committee.

 Sahasrara puja           5th May     Cabella
 Shri Buddha puja      25-May      Philippines
 Shri Adi Shakti puja  23-Jun       Canajoharie
 Shri Adi Guru puja    20-Jul        Cabella
 Shri Krishna puja       25th-Aug   Cabella
 Shri Ganesha puja      07-Sep      Cabella
 Marriages                   08-Sep      Cabella
 Navaratri puja            13-Oct      Cabella
 Diwali puja                03-Nov     India, to be announced
 Shri Bhairava puja     24-Nov     Durban, South Africa
 Christmas puja          23-25 Dec  Ganapatipule

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