Friday, 5 April 2013

Ultimate book - analytics

The Ultimate book received a bit of attention. With almost 1300 downloads, so it was decided to be kept free for few more days.

Here are few of the feedbacks the book received:


Fantastic book! That´s we need to remember what is really important in Sahaja Yoga! Lynda

I love it!  I read all 300+ pages in 1 minute!  This is a great reminder about the simplicity of Sahaja Yoga that many of us forget. Todd

The content is highly controversial. Be prepared for an international backlash. I personally feel there should have been more pages.

I meditated upon this ultimate book and I enjoyed it But now  I wonder if I enjoyed first and then I meditated... or may be not... it is a difficult question.  Anaic

Well, not exactly what I expected, but awesome! Contains the Ultimate that is true:) I enjoyed and could laugh at myself that I had expected something else. Well done! Virag

Just perfect! Outstanding!! Its a tremendous source of knowledge. I'm sure soon it would be part of the handouts that are given out all over the world. Anand

Hahahahha....great! And what is the best is that it's not an April fools' joke :-D Lakshmi

LOVE IT!!!! SO CLEAR AND SO AMAZING!!!!! Takes you straight out of EGO. This will stay with me always.... Monisha

Oh man, another April fool's joke... Jesse

Thanks for the reminders! Made me smile :-)

I'm new to sahaja yoga and as a beginner as usual i have more doubts. i thought in your book you are going to tell us step-by-step procedure on meditation and on all general doubts, but in a very simple way you have explained that close all your doubts do only meditation which will clarify automatically all your doubts also sure to get enlightenment. Sulakshana

You certainly wrote the ULTIMATE book on Sahaja Yoga.I enjoyed it very much ... and you learned me to enjoy more, more and more. Jos

Simply and true!!!!!! Thaaaaaaaank you very much!!! Adriana

You gave us not just the SUPREME guide for Meditation, but also a sample of pure joy! You have captured the essence and silenced all the other "misunderstandings". Thank you for this incredible gift! This is how a Sahaja Yogi should be: open, joyful and playful! I will meditate and enjoy! You cannot have one without the other! Irina

Ha Ha :) very well done! And so true... Laura

Great! :))))) Jurate

nice book!!!  Good Mail  well done. Christine

The perfect gift for April 1st or any day. :) Annie

Ja ja ja! It was a surprise................You are absolutely rigth!!!! It takes not too much to read the book and the true is HUGE, so let's take the 108 steps............. thanks!! adriana

Wow. What a colossal waste of time.  Judy

Brilliant idea! :D I was was really enjoying while reading the 'book'! Piotr

Great work!  I managed the first 107 steps.  Having difficulty with 108.  Will meditate on that! Maxine

I'm sorry, but was sorely disappointed with the content of the book. Gina

Oh! The most sincere lie and true at same time! Thank you for showing me the conditionings! Hiris

I'm unable to see any  content on the pages aside from Enjoy and Meditate.  Am i missing something? Louisa

OK, i get it now!! Took me a second :) Louisa

Wonderful book, indeed ! Ultimately, meditate and mediate Elimane

Thanks A Team! I have enjoyed all 108 steps. Waiting for part 2. Max

Haha, good one:) Asha

What a wonderful book!!!! I'll sent it to all yogis I know, old and young! Thank you for sharing!!! Our newcomers are already studying it and will have an exam next week! Ekaterina

You monkeys!!! Me

Is  that  of     J O Y     ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Jean

I should have known...... Good one! If a thing sounds too good to be true.....then generally it is!!!! :) Bev

Thank you for reminding us that there is no substitute to meditation . Rajesh

The very best book about SY !  ;o) Niatel

So much hard work just for an April Fool Joke ? !! Ha ! Ha !

great, except that it makes it look like Enjoyment is separate from Meditation. Amba

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CSM said...

Brings you down to Mother Earth. P
romts one to get estsblished on Sahastrara. That's really it, nothing else!