Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Recollections of our Divine Mother - new edition

The rearranged and expanded Recollections of our Holy Mother, now available on Amazon.

We are in the process of reissuing the collected recollections of Shri Mataji. Many of these stories were originally published in eight volumes by NITL in India.

I have now arranged the stories chronologically, in seven volumes, and the main title is now Recollections of our Divine Mother. They are very much more powerful and show the development of Shri Mataji’s personal relationship with Her children – as She said, they are ‘the human side of My incarnation.’

There are some new stories and quite a lot more photos.

Over the years Shri Mataji repeatedly asked the editor to collect and publish these stories, and to use her discretion as to which stories should be included and how. Obviously, as humans, we have made mistakes and our memories are not perfect, but when Shri Mataji saw the drafts of the earlier versions, She was nevertheless full of encouragement for their publication.

The other book which has now been republished and is available on Amazon is the book of Sahaja miracles, at least a very small sample of them, and Shri Mataji again and again asked this book to be done. It is called The Breeze of Sahasrara and has been presented as an introductory book on Sahaja Yoga, although a lot of the stories are so amazing and even bizarre it may be more understandable by and acceptable for Sahaja Yogis, unless the new people are very determined seekers.

Many thanks to the 725 yogis who contributed stories and photos, and if anyone has any more, please send them to and we can add them to future editions.

After we have covered our costs we intend to give the profits of all the books to the Centrassi school.

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