Monday, 13 May 2013

Seven Cube

A lot of decision in today's Sahaj world (like members of the councils, properties to buy, seminars to organize, event participation) are taken using vibrations. Some yogis use the vibrations before accepting a work offer or moving to a different country.

This is awesome, of course, if one really feels the vibrations. Otherwise is like taken random decisions.

Here is a test you might know called Seven Cube or (7x7x7):

Take 7 envelopes and put a photo of Shri Mataji in one.
Try to find the envelope with the photo using the vibrations.
Repeat this 7 times in one day.
Repeat 7 days in a row.

If each time you find the photo, then you can make decisions using the vibrations.

If even few times you cannot, then you cannot.

Or it will be like a group of visually impaired people trying to help each other get on the top of a mountain. And there is no mountain...

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