Thursday, 13 June 2013

New Music of Joy CD from Sahaja Yoga Australia

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New Music of Joy Album – Flow of Love – Available now!

Jai Shri Mataji!

By Shri Mataji's grace, we very joyfully announce the release of Music of Joy's new album Flow of Love. This is our fifth album and comes as a double CD featuring 19 tracks including popular original songs such as Jai Jai Bolo, Saang Saang Bolanath, What a Time, Namaste Ganapataye and many more.

With professional production and mastering, this recording involves 27 singers and musicians and a range of instruments including harmonium, tabla, dholak, djembe, chimta, flute, guitars, saxophone, didgeridoo and clarinet.

We now invite you to share the joy and vibrations of this latest recording and, as a special bonus, all purchasers of the hard copy CD will also receive a complimentary copy of the Music of Joy 3 CD. The price of the double CD Flow of Love, including the copy of Music of Joy 3, is AUD $30. This standard fee covers shipping and handling costs worldwide. (Please note that additional customs duties may be payable by the purchaser in some countries for bulk orders.)

To purchase Flow of Love and receive your bonus CD, please go to

From our hearts, your brothers and sisters
Music of Joy Australia


The Double CD includes:

Flow of Love – Disc 1

1 - Invocation to Shri Ganesha
2 - Jai Jai Bolo Nirmal Ganesha Ki
3 - Padhare Hai Shri Mataji Angana
4 - Saang Saang Bolanath
5 - Nieba
6 - Tsala Tsala Zauya Cabella La
7 - We are the Children of the Earth
8 - Tujhacha Mataji Pare
9 - Thuma Mina

Flow of Love – Disc 2

1 - Raag Yaman
2 - What a Time!
3 - Mauline Thothavile Daar
4 - Vesnianka – Ode to Spring
5 - Namaste Ganapataye
6 - Xiao Cao
7 - Flow of Love
8 - Sat Chit Ananda Rupa - Shine on me
9 - Namanekare Barambar Shri Mataji
10 - Free Notes

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