Thursday, 4 July 2013

22nd July - Guru Purnima Day

If you are coming for the Guru Puja in Cabella, we would like to invite you to try and extend your stay until Monday, 22nd July, which is the true Guru Purnima day.

The Hosting Countries will be arranging for Shri Mataji's apartments in the castle to be open all day so that everyone who wishes can offer basel leaves to our Divine Mother, signifying complete surrender at the Holy Lotus Feet of our Guru.


All day different groups will provide live music and bhajans. In the evening there will be a small puja and aarti.


It will be a beautiful, profound experience that will help us know ourselves better and deepen our connection with Shri Mataji. We really hope you can all make it.

So as to avoid confusion, we would like to underline that the main International Guru Puja will take place on Saturday, 20th July as scheduled and already communicated to everyone.


With love,


Bulgaria, India, Iran,Italy, Portugal, Russia, Turkey

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