Saturday, 13 July 2013

Sahaja Flash Mob - It happened in Washington DC

There are people all over, walking from column to column, some reading the famous words inscribed on the walls, some soaking in the magnitude of the towering monument to this saint among presidents. Some are just waiting there sitting on the stairs, looking at the reflecting pool and the Washington Monument beyond. Some are raptly listening to a tourist guide. Some are standing at the spot where King Jr had said the famous words "I have a dream". But a few special ones were cherishing the place where Shri Adi Shakti herself had visited, touching the exact spot where she would have stood. For they had come for a special purpose and were seeking Her blessings for it.

Almost silently the sound of wind blowing starts yonder......and a group of 50 performers respond to the sound and begin to stop...come to a standstill...and are in total silence. Suddenly everyone turns around, onlookers stop themselves and their attention is drawn to these special performers. A crowd of hundred plus turn around..wonder what happened, what are these people upto and why did they just stop......?

We hear a female voice sing "I want to be a particle of dust.." The performers start raising their hands to the top of their head...

The Adishakti's children were on a mission today, to stop the chaos, to bring a moment of silence at this iconic monument and to spread Her vibrations to the nation's capital. Music starts playing, the sahaja yogis are now turning in circle almost like the kundalini within them, the vibrations start to become explicit and then, a thunderous voice bursts out.."This is a moment that will change your life"

The Primordial Mother had spoken and the paramachaitanya is now responding with full force. The yogis raise their hands towards those around them, the vibrations start to go stronger and start flowing from their hands to everyone around who are still transfixed by this impromptu performance. Kundalinis raise, Silence manifests and the journey of truth has begun.

The Sahaja Flash Mob had achieved its purpose and almost as quietly as it started, the performers meld into the crowd. And the journey of transforming the world continues....

Watch the spectator video here: Washington dc Flash mob

Sahaja Flash Mobs are coming next to Philly, New York & Boston: ( as part of the ongoing Culture of the Spirit Tour.

For trying the Sahaja Flash Mob in your own city, view this video:

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