Friday, 12 July 2013

Volunteer in Cabella this Summer

As you all know Cabella is the privileged place in the world that Shri Mataji has chosen to live in Her last 20 years, and here we can feel on our chakras Her continuos presence and Vibrations.

As a pilgriminage holy place, the properties are managed by people working with the attitude to offer our devotion and dedication to our Guru, and is based on the precious volunteers that come here to help from all over the world.

So the WF which is made of sister and brother that dedicated their live to Cabella, is inviting those sister and brother in the Sangha that want to come and make an experience of Sahaj collectivity for their personal growth, offering in the same time their work as an offer to the lotus Feet of our Guru and most beloved Mother. This will mix our bhakti with our shradda and reinforce our sahaj strength.

We can offer a spartan, rustic lodging but in a vibrational mood made of collective morning meditation, eating together, working together taking the attention always in our vibration and joy, cool foatsoak in the river at the sunset,  joyful evening programs as bajans with pizzas and fun.

We have also a specific requests, if there is some gardener willing to come and help in the gardens, we can help them if they cannot effort the staying here.

The school also needs our help.  As you know, by the end of July the renovations to the new school building (known as Casa Forme) will be complete; before the start of the school year in September, the location of classrooms need to be transferred to Centrassi and Casa Forme needs to become the new residential facility of the school.  The actual transfer will take place in August and there is a lot to do.

We will accommodate people in the Castle or in Centrassi, we will cook for them and everyone could contribute to the food if they can, to satisfy their nabhi.

So let's come and take this chance to participate to the building of our beloved Shri Mataji's vision in the sacred Holy Cabella place, the Land of Lord.

To apply please complete the online form on our website.

lots of love from your sister and brother from Cabella

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