Thursday, 22 August 2013

A message from Borotin Kindergarten, Sahaja Yoga School in Czech Republic

Dear friends of Borotin,

Jai Shri Mataji!

This is how we celebrated the Independence Day in Borotin:  

It was beautiful. The password to watch the video is: love


Please spread the message below in your collectives. We kindly ask you to translate and adapt it if you consider necessary. Thank you!

Much Love from Borotin Team

Dear Sahaja family,

We would like to bring to your attention the fact that Borotin Kindergarten (our kindergarten) needs to upgrade and ameliorate in terms of variety and safety its playgrounds. All our games such as carousels, swings, etc must be safe therefore certified in accordance to law. The playground must have a rubber floor to protect us when falling, the materials used, the paints and so on must be children friendly and durable in time.

Great, the quality is good, we enjoy it but... the „grownups" say that they are expensive and out of reach for their budget.

What to do? We saw them, the „grownups", thinking and reasoning and meditating (in the Western sense of the word) and ruminating and weighing and... they have even looked in internet for great ideas for funding but they said: no result.  Then... finally, they got a thought (maybe inspiration?): what are we doing? We have to simply and directly write to our family on behalf of our children.

Yes, because our message is clear: we wish the things from these photos... we wish to have them safe, colorful and well working because the life is a game and we want to play it well. So, this is the message... and we see now, the „grownups" from Borotin writing finally the letter and now because they did their job (they say...) we will just watch enjoying how the lovely Paramchaitanya will work out this :o)

We need 5,000 euro for this and this and this (see photos). And if some change will rest we will change also the 2 windows of kindergarten's kitchen because our lovely Daniel the Cook is shivering in winter.

With thanks for your attention,

A big hug to all sahaja family,

Your children from Borotin Kindergarten

P.S. The "grownups" say that you need also the information below:



Receiver's account number (IBAN):  CZ55 2010 0000 0027 0036 1826
Swift code (BIC):  FIOBCZPPXXX
Receiver's name and address:  Spolecnost Sahadza Joga, Koziskova 511, 250 82 Uvaly, Czech Republic
Bank address:  Fio banka, as, V Celnici 1028/10, Prague 1, Czech Republic
Payment item:  donation for the playground

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