Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Feedback from the UNESCO camp (Washington DC, 2013)

Told by Ana Bianca – Ambassador for Peace on behalf of Sahaja Yoga Canada (IMUN, 2013, Washington DC)

The UNESCO IMUN camp was the perfect place to bring the attention of the young participants and organizers on meditation and its correlation with inner peace and how that affects world (outer) peace.
There were 8 Sahaja yogi representatives from countries such as Canada, France, Italy, Japan, U.S.A, and Belgium. Our goal was to conduct meditations, workshops, and as well be a fully immersed participant of the camp that had so many other activities and focuses.

On the first day, we had a collective meditation with all the students, and the majority of the staff which included about 80 people. They received an introduction to Sahaja Yoga Meditation and the significance and importance of their self realization. The meditation, organization and workshop was solely led by yuvas (young yogis-meditators).

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